Virtual Reality Glasses

Using 3D components in the classroom is one way to increase both student interest and understanding. The experience offered through 3D goggles helps students perceive  360 degree image and allows for a sense of discovery. The VR glasses have applications across the curriculum and are valuable  exploration tools in history, geography, science and math. There are some apps available for free and some with a minimal cost. The market in 3D apps appears underdeveloped and the classroom is ripe for new app development. Not only can students use apps to learn, they can learn how to create an app and then share their product with others. It is a STEM project which would appeal to a range of interests as well as varied learners.

If you are thinking about VR glasses be aware that some do not fit over prescription eye wear and that should be considered. Also, if you want a head strap to allow for hands free you need to check the product specifications.